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Vršecký Ranks Eighth after a Chase!

Vršecký Ranks Eighth after a Chase!

Punctured cooler was the cause of Vršecký´s withdrawal from the cup race and start from the nearly hopeless 23rd position in the handicap race. Despite that David showed he had a heart of a racer.

The Roudnice trucker started the race with the aim to make his way to the scored positions. “After a time I am starting the race in a situation that can hardly be worse,” said Vršecký before the race was started, at the same time not forgetting to utter words of praise addressed to the mechanics who managed to make his truck operational again after the morning failure. "Another crisis they managed, and so I can only raise my hat for them."

Immediately after start David bit into his rivals, ranking eleventh in the third lap and two laps later getting in front of the eighth Vojtíšek. The French trucker, however, had developed a big advantage. "I would have liked to enjoy overtaking Janiec. I rode at the brink, but eventually I needed less than three tenths of a second,” said David after the race, not losing the combat mood at all. “Janiec demonstrably blocked me twice. We will watch the video and consider a protest."

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