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Vršecký Ranks Fifth in First Race

Vršecký Ranks Fifth in First Race

David Vršecký ranked fifth in the first cup race of the Misano circuit. At the same time he achieved his best result of the current season so far.

In the race David thus defended his super field position. Right at the start Adam Lacko overtook our pilot but on the other hand David managed to overtake Bösiger starting in front of him. "To tell the truth I do not know how Adam got in front of me. I will have to watch the video,” commented David on the beginning of the race.

While the so far sovereign Hahn and Albacete soon left the rest of the starting field far behind, the triad Östreich, Lacko, Vršecký fought hard duels for the last step of the podium for the winners. Even though David eventually had to cope with the fifth rank, his voice resounded with satisfaction. “A good race which the viewers must have liked. My truck works well, the race was pleasant for me and the scored eight points is not a bad result.”

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