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Vršecký Ranks Fifth in Most

Vršecký Ranks Fifth in Most

Fifth ranking was the result of David Vršecký in the opening cup race in Most. It represented two ranks worth improvement of his time practice result.

Uwe Nittel eventually ranked tenth. Right before the start of the cup race the German trucker in Buggyra colours suffered an accident in the form of a broken fuel hose. The race was interrupted, the Buggyra mechanics repaired the defect and the time delay caused the decision of the jury to reduce the number of laps of the cup race to ten. The new start exceeded the expectations of both Buggyra drivers. After the first curve Vršecký ranked fifth while Nittel fought his way to the scored tenth rank. However, after one third of the race David collided with Levett and dropped to the seventh rank. "There is nothing you can do about that, this is what our sport is about," commented David after the race. But he did not give up, overtook one trucker and after penalisation of the originally third Lacko (non-sporting ride) moved to the final fifth rank. "I did well in the race, what a pity I collided with Chris, I could have struggled for the winners´ rostrum. I must put myself together before the handicap race." Uwe Nittel eventually ranked tenth. "I am satisfied with my performance as well as the score, regarding the circumstances. I will start the handicap race from the fifth row and I am ready to fight," said the German trucker in the Czech team.

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