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Vršecký Ranks Fifth, Levett Scores

Vršecký Ranks Fifth, Levett Scores

The fifth rank was achieved in the opening cup race at Albacete circuit by David Vršecký. Chris Levett contributed with a heroic performance when he eventually scored after start from the last row!

Before the beginning of the race David wished to finish at least one race without a collision. His wish was not heard again, unfortunately. After start Markus Östreich set the forward fighting Albacete into a spin around. David Vršecký, starting from the third row, was the one who paid for the collision of the two pilots. “For a while I rode fourth in front of Bösiger but then Markus got in front of me. The cards were practically dealt from the very start. Jochen rode his way, another four trucks were riding with identical lap times. A potential move forward could happen after a mistake of one of the leaders or with the help of a better riding technique. Nothing of the kind happened, though,” commented David on the cup tourney. He was quote happy with the fifth rank, regarding the circumstances. “As I said, Jochen was out of the question, and otherwise my truck worked well. It is difficult to overtake in Albacete, and so I am glad for the ranking and for the score.”

Chris Levett was betrayed by technology, in particular by problems with steering, since the very beginning of the time practice. Thus he started the cup race from the last row. In the course of the thirteen laps he bravely fought his way forward through the starting field and eventually ranked ninth. “I defeated Antonio, who started from the second row, at his domestic circuit. What a pity I could not manage to rank eighth and win start for the handicap race from the first row. But what can you do,” assessed Chris his performance in the finish.

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