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Vršecký Ranks Fourth

Vršecký Ranks Fourth

David Vršecký finally ranked fourth in the first cup race at the beginning of the Most racing weekend. Michal Matějovský ranked fourteenth.

David ´s final ranking was in fact decided right after the start when Markus Östreich squeezed in front of him. "Amthough I am not aware of any mistake Markus suddenly appeared in front of me,“ described David the beginning of the race. As in the time practice his lap time was shorter than that of his German rival he did not lose hope for the podium. "I planned to follow Markus closely for a couple of laps and then prepare an attack. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the second half of the race the truck began to jerk and so I slowed down preventively.“ Even though he did not reach to the podium after all, he was happy with the ten score points. "Norbert Kiss, my rival for the overall fourth rank, eventually ranked ninth, and Adam score two points less. And this was only the beginning of the weekend.“

The efforts of Michal Matějovský were eventually enough for 14th rank. "I clearly lacked practice, trucks are very special. I will see in the further progress of the weekend,“ said Michal after the race.

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