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Vršecký Ranks Second in Cup Race!

Vršecký Ranks Second in Cup Race!

Russia fits David well. Following the third ranking in yesterday ´s cup race today he ranked second and obtained the highest score of the season.

Mike Konovalov ranked tenth. The foundation of the cup success was laid in the time practice, which David won for the first time this season. Immediately after start, however, he suddenly found himself ranking third, after being overtaken by Albacete and Hahn under very suspicious circumstances. Immediately after that Bösiger collided with Lvov, blocking the track in the third curve with his motionless Renault. The red flag ended the practice and a restart followed on the basis of the ranking from the time practice. At that moment Bösiger miraculously “revived” his motionless truck! The second start was a copy of the first on the part of Albacete and Hahn. With the only difference that immediately after Albacete was penalized with a ride through the pits. "I can hardly understand Antonio. I drove exactly following the rules, the green appeared and suddenly he was a truck length in front of me,” described David the situation after start. Following the penalization of his Spanish rival he ranked second. “Jochen confirmed his excellent form showed in yesterday ´s handicap race. I reduced his several-second advantage. What a pity the race ended, I would have needed a couple of extra laps. On the other hand, every evil is good for something, at least we will celebrate the premiere victory in front of the domestic audiences in Most." Mike Konovalov eventually ranked tenth. "I am happy with the one score point. I enjoyed the race. The atmosphere is excellent here. But the competition is excellent as well," spoke Mike about his performance.

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