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Vršecký Ranks Second, Matějovský Scores!

Vršecký Ranks Second, Matějovský Scores!

The second race at the Most circuit was transformed to 99% success by Buggyra pilots. David Vršecký ranked second after a dramatic race and Michal Matějovský scored the imaginary point for the tenth rank at his truck racing premiere.

Immediately after start David applied his experience and bypassed a cluster of trucks resulting from the spinout of the Finn Makinen. In the course of a single lap he thus improved his starting position by three ranks and approached a "hot" duel with his former long-term team mate Gerd Körber. The latter resisted David ´s attacks for the whole two laps. "A nice duel, I must admit that Gerd still knows how to race," confirmed Vršecký, who then had to resolve a complex riddle represented by the third ranking Albacete. "Jochen was far behind after an opening collision and Antonio believed in his return to the lead. In addition he is fairly quick indeed. "But Vršecký was also quick and by overtaking Lacheze in the sixth lap he took the lead. Unfortunately, the Frenchman managed to hold Antonio in his read view mirrors for a single lap only. "This was something to be expected. I knew that unless I made a mistake or something unpredictable happened I could have won," described David the second half of the race. Unfortunately two mere laps before the finish something unpredictable did happen. David ran into a pool of oil and was sent off the track against his will. "Fortunately I held my truck under control and managed to return. But Antonio was already in the lead then. Of course I am happy with the silver," said David before the prize-giving ceremony. A reason for a champagne was also at the neighbours. Michal Matějovský managed something hardly anybody believed before the race, when he ranked tenth in the first handicap race!

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