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Vršecký Ranks Seventh After a Blow

Vršecký Ranks Seventh After a Blow

Like yesterday David Vršecký started the cup race from the third row next to Markus Bösiger. The final result was seventh rank.

Even though the beginning of the race was not without the usual clashes, David defended the sixth rank after start. However, he became the middle part of a sandwich consisting of himself, the fifth ranking Bösiger and the seventh Lacko. "Hard work. Even though Markus was slower, he blocked me cleverly and effectively and Adam was waiting for his chance behind me," described David most of the race. The decisive moment for him came a couple of laps before the end when he was hit by Adam from the rear. ""Luckily we live in the period of digital technologies and so everybody will be able to see who hit who on the brakes and whether there was any contact. But the life goes on."

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