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Vršecký Ranks Sixth in Cup Race

Vršecký Ranks Sixth in Cup Race

Sixth ranking was gained by David Vršecký in today ´s cup race at the Nürburgring track. Uwe Nittel was disqualified for his collision with Janiec from France.

David ´s ranking was affected by technical problems before the race even started. "I do not know what happened. The truck suddenly switched off and could not be started again," described the acting European Champion the dramatic start. The drama left him ninth after start. "The perspective of the mere two score points gained in the cup race appeared rather horrifying but I did not panic." And so while the lead was occupied by Albacete and Östreich and Levett, David Vršecký fought his way through the rest of the starting field. Eventually he managed the sixth ranking behind his last year ´s team mate Bösiger. "When my truck runs well it is worth driving it. Eventually I even managed to reduce Markus ´s advantage but my loss from the beginning of the race was too big. I hope I will improve my tastes in the handicap race." Uwe Nittel overtook the triad Vršecký, Janiec, Lvov after start and began his duel with Levett. But this trucker was far too good for Uwe and so after a couple of minor hesitations the latter dropped to the eighth rank. His duel with Janiec was eventually assessed by the track commissioners as prohibited and so the German trucker experienced his first disqualification. "Everything is once for the first time. I do not think our duel exceeded the permitted limits. But I have been racing for a sufficiently long time to know that verdicts like this are not to be opposed," commented Uwe on the event in the pits.

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