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Vršecký Ranks Sixth in Time Practice!

Vršecký Ranks Sixth in Time Practice!

Time practice, preceded by two free practices, officially opened the fourth racing weekend of this year ´s European Race Truck Championship, held at the famous Nürburgring. David ranked fourth or fifth, respectively, among the quickest truckers.

“Both rides were “warm ups”, I am not taking the results too seriously”, said the European Champion before the start of the time practice. His German team mate Uwe Nittel ranked tenth in both free practices. The first part of the time practice revealed excellent form of Chris Levett, who showed the best performance. The super field, designed for the fight of the best ten truckers for the most convenient starting position in the cup race, was reached by both Vršecký and Nittel by the eighth or tenth quickest time, respectively. In the course of the super field bit both Buggyra drivers improved their positions even further. David eventually ranked sixth, while Uwe ranked ninth. "To tell the truth, I wanted tor each a little higher. On the other hand, every race is different, and the time practice showed how balanced the standards of the individual teams are. Who would expect Lewett to win a time practice before Nogaro,” said David in reaction to the results. "Immediately after the truck gets to the pits we will start work on certain adaptations. I hope we will be quicker tomorrow." Uwe Nittel again ended among the best ten and was obviously satisfied. "I want to score and the time practice was a good starting point for that. I am OK."

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