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Vršecký Ranks Third in Cup Race!

Vršecký Ranks Third in Cup Race!

For the first time after last year ´s race in Smolensk David Vršecký found his way to the winners´ rostrum in a cup race, ending at the Donington circuit third after Östreich and Hahn. Chris Levett priginally ranked ninth, but his time was extended with a penalization for a drive through, which resulted in the fourteenth rank.

David laid the foundation for his success in the time practice, where he achieved the second quickest time. Immediately before the race began he said that he would bring back a cup to the pits. Despite moderate problems after start caused by an unusual layout of the curves (the first series of curves prevailingly consists of right turns) he settled behind the pair Östreich – Hahn since the first lap. "It is a nice feeling to fight for the rostrum," commented David on the opening section of the race. Even though as the race progressed the advantage of the leading couple in front of him increased, he kept an equally safe advantage over the following Bösiger and Albacete. "Somebody might get a feeling that I was bored on the circuit but the opposite was true. I am happy with the points and the raking. I hope the handicap race will also be that successful." A considerably more dramatic race with a less happy ending was on stock for Chris Levett. Immediately after start he was pushed off the start track by his countryman Oliver and dropped to the tail of the starting field. Five laps before the end he already ranked ninth and did his best to get the best position for the start of the handicap race. But his duel with Oliver (!!!) was assessed by the circuit commissioners as non-permitted and he was penalized with a pass through the pits.

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