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Vršecký Ranks Third in Cup Race!

Vršecký Ranks Third in Cup Race!

David Vršecký ranked third today in the opening cup race in Zolder. Following his second rank at Nürburgring this was his second best ranking in cup races oft his season.

David started from the third row after achieving the fifth quickest lap time in the time practice. Virtually all substantial for him already happened in the course of the first lap. First he enjoyed overtaking Markus Östreich and moving to the fourth rank. Soon after that he was informed about Albacete ´s withdrawal from the race. “I started well, and quite easily overtook Markus. I do not know what happened to Antonio. But even MAN must be breathless one day," said David after the race.

Further progress of the race was about David ´s vain efforts to break through Lacko´s faultless defensive. “Already in the past I learned that Lacko belonged to the pilots who know how to make overtaking really hard,” commented David on the progress of the race. Adam fought back David ´s only attempt at overtaking him. At the end of the race David began to have problems with brake cooling. In addition, as was found out later, David had a rear tyre punctured for most of the race. “This was not favourable for another attack on the second rank. Nevertheless, I am much satisfied. Each podium is a success.."

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