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Vršecký Reaching Podium on Sunday Again

Vršecký Reaching Podium on Sunday Again

David Vršecký accomplished the Spanish weekend with another podium. After the Saturday ´s victory he was happily scoring the third rank. Adam Lacko ranked seventh with a punched tyre and second after Albacete in the Spanish cup.

The fourth weekend race was started by the first eight ranking pilots in the opposite order of their cup race ranking and so both Buggyra pilots started from the second row. Vršecký made use of a hesitation of the pilots in front of him and took the lead after the first couple of curves.

Lacko was not that lucky, as in a duel with Hahn and Kiss he punched one of his rear tyres and fell to the eighth rank. Subsequently, after a duel with Reinert, he managed to advance to the final seventh rank. Despite this Lacko finished the weekend with the fourth trophy in the Spanish cup, the silver rank.

"Immediately after start I was hit from the rear and one of my rear tyres was destroyed, I lost a lot but could not do anything about it. Sometimes you cannot help it,“ added Lacko after the race.

David Vršecký defended the first rank for more than half of the race. He was followed by the quick Jochen Hahn but the Buggyra pilot struggled with defective cornering of this truck. Vršecký lost not only the lead but even the second rank, which was won by Norbert Kiss. Vršecký´s third rank was further challenged by Albacete and Bösiger, but not successfully enough.

Today the race was really playing on our nerves. In the first race the truck over-cornered and so we made some changes. The result was incomplete cornering, on the other hand. We defended the third rank with all our strength. I ended the weekend on the podium, which is not bad. But today I could have been better,“ said the third Vršecký.

Adam Lacko dropped to the fourth rank in the interim ranking. David Vršecký ranks sixth with a minimum loss of a single score point after his team mate. In the Constructors´ Cup Buggyra continues to hold the second rank with the low of twenty four points.

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