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Vršecký Reigns Europe Again!

Vršecký Reigns Europe Again!

Not the slightest hint of a drama was allowed by David Vršecký in the handicap race and so he became, after his “discoverer” Martin Koloc, the second Czech trucker in history who managed to defend the European Champion title! David started the race with clear tactics: First of all to score at least some points and if possible to defeat Albacete starting from the last row.

"I was standing next to Jochen, with acceptable rivals all around me. The start and the progress of the race was probably not worth a champion but in this case the end justified the means,” commented the old and the new European champion in one the opening laps of the race, which he conceived as a training rather than as a race. "Vojta Loupal carefully monitored Albacete ´s progress through the starting field. Antonio again showed that he is a master of chases. About a lap before the finish he was already behind me on the fifth rank.”

At that moment the Spanish favourite ´s loss behind Vršecký was about ten seconds. The expected mutual duel did not materialise in the end. "The truth is that I played with the idea that I would let Antonio close and defeat him on the home stretch, but eventually I decided that this would not be very polite. He is an excellent racing driver after all and his position in front of the domestic audience is nothing to envy." Even though David ´s champion title is now decided, he plans to start tomorrow. "I love Jarama very much, and tomorrow I have a chance to give myself a quiet ride. The boys will probably want to celebrate but I will certainly convince them to postpone the celebration for Sunday. Well, I am not sure. Buggyra never won the champion title on a Saturday. Perhaps a little training will have to happen to be well prepared for tomorrow night,” revealed the satisfied old and new European Champion. Markus Bösiger was originally disqualified for his collision with Albacete but following a protest filed by the team management he was allowed to start conditionally. Eventually he ranked seventh.

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