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Luboš Veselý - 30.07.2017

Vršecký Rode the Victorious Wave in Shanghai

Vršecký Rode the Victorious Wave in Shanghai

The second stage of the Chinese Race Truck Championship has become history. David Vršecký won both Sunday races and thus has not yet found any conqueror in China this season. Adam Lacko moved to the second rank in the interim overall ranking.



In the non-scored Saturday ride David Vršecký followed his Beijing performance and won the race. “So we are now past the Saturday race, which I managed to win. The way to the victory was rather complicated, for heat and rain alternated during the race and the road was very slippery. But the ride was excellent, we have accelerated as well, and so I am looking forward to the tomorrow´s race,” was Vršecký´s comment on the first racing day in Shanghai.


Adam Lacko chased his team mate throughout the race and reached the finish with just a three-second loss. “Today´s race was easy, only before start there was a little chaotic situation as our Chinese colleagues do not know the roles very well and so they already began overtaking in the setup lap. David and I did not know whether we should start race as well, but in the end we decided to better let them go. Then after start things got sorted out somehow and I ranked right behind David, and so we also reached the finish. There were several showers of rain in the course of the race and so the road became very slippery. But we achieved a “double”, so we are satisfied,” was Lacko´s assessment of the Saturday practice.


The premiere in the Chinese truck racing championship was staged by the only woman in the starting list, the Hungarian female pilot Adrienne Vogel. She ranked seventh in the Saturday practice and seventh will also be her starting position in the grid of tomorrow´s scored race.



David Vršecký won both Sunday races, thus increasing his advantage in the lead of the championship to 21 score points. “The first ace was quite easy for me. I started from the first position, without problems, apart from some overtaking of trucks one lap behind, and finished in the lead,” commented the champion title defender on the first scored race. “The second race was a little more complicated as someone “overslept” at the start and I could not overtake him, for there were the yellow flags and the rest of the field got far away in front of me. One moment I found myself ranking second, with a big loss, which I reduced bit by bit to finally end in the lead with a Sunday double. I would like to thank my team for excellent preparation of the truck and the wonderful weekend,“ was Vršecký´s final evaluation of the Sunday races.


The second ambassador of the Buggyra Racing team Adam Lacko copied his results of Beijing, ranking second n the first scored race and third in the second. “We are past a hot Sunday in Shanghai with two races. I think not bad at all. I ranked second in the main race and third in the handicap race, where I had to fight my way forward from the rear of the field, so quite good. The start of the second race was quite interesting. There was a minor accident there, but then it started and I began to fight. David immediately overtook me and I tried to drive as well as I could and finally reached to the third rank. I rank second in the overall interim ranking and I am satisfied with that,” was Lacko´s comment on the racing weekend in Shanghai.


The Hungarian female pilot in the colours of the Buggyra Racing team, Adrienne Vogel, scored eleventh rank at her live premiere in the Chinese truck racing championship. She did not finish the second handicap race.


The third and last stage of the Chinese truck racing championship will take place in the Chinese city of Ningbo over the second September weekend.

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