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Vršecký ´s Gold Good Bye!

Vršecký ´s Gold Good Bye!

David Vršecký could not enact a more stylish good bye to his two-year reign over the truck Europe. In the infarct close of the handicap race he reached for his second victory of this season.

It needs to be said that the race was not for weak natures. David first led the starting field for one lap and then he dropped to the fourth rank. In the middle of the race he ranked second with the loss of twelve seconds after the sovereign leader Adam Lacko. "On the one hand I so much wanted to win, to please the team. But on the other I have been racing for a time long enough to know that to reduce such an advantage in the course of six laps is virtually impossible. Only with the help of a miracle," maintained the happy Vršecký in the finish. But in this case the saying that miracles do happen came true for once. In the last but one lap Adam non-voluntarily left the track and thus opened the imaginary golden gate for Vršecký. "The motor sport knows the expression “good luck of a racer”. I would say that this good luck met me for the first time his season, and for the last time at the same time.”

The progress of the race was no less dramatic for Uwe Nittel. In the beginning he seemed to be sure to defend the ninth ranking. But in the last laps his truck began to lose while Janiec pushed strongly. Uwe eventually ranked tenth and beat his French rival by a single point in the overall ranking. "I am not against dramas but I could have done without this one. I am glad for everybody that the end of the season eventually was so good for us," confirmed Uwe after the race.

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