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Vršecký: Scores Are Not All!

Vršecký: Scores Are Not All!

Even though the known saying “All is well that ends well” did not apply to yesterday ´s Le Mans, David Vršecký has left Le Mans today with a feeling of work well done. Before Le Mans you cherished two hopes for bronze medals, but eventually neither of them materialised.

David: There are things beyond man ´s control. Adam ´s advantage before Le Mans was quite big and he deserves the third overall rank for his performance throughout the whole season. I regret the lost third rank in the team competition because of Chris, as we eventually lost by mere six points and not by our fault. Despite that you look quite satisfied. David: Before I was hit by Janiec on Sunday I felt like in 2009. On Saturday I won the cup race, and scored the most points of all. Sunday began excellently with the best lap time in the super field. Despite all the mishaps I scored sixty points more than last year. The whole team has improved incredibly. There is a good basis for future development. This is more than to score some twenty points. Even though Janiec caused the biggest collision in years, he has not been punished. David: I am not entitled to comment on this. There is a lot of video documentation of the whole incident and so everybody can get his own idea of what happened. Competent officials certainly decided in good faith and on the basis of their best expertise. The main this is that all actors survived and are all right. You even lost the fourth rank after the final race. We all agree that this was a farce which had little to do with racing. David: I was European champion twice. My ambitions are higher than to fight for the fourth rank. Markus Östreich won by his tactical and disciplined performance. And Markus Bösiger performed a masterly trick in the end. I would like to congratulate to both of them. Even though my view of racing is somewhat different, there is no man in the world able to satisfy all.

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