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Vršecký Shot Down from Podium Rank, Lacko Fifth

Vršecký Shot Down from Podium Rank, Lacko Fifth

On Saturday both Adam Lacko and David Vršecký had two chances for the podium. But their opponent was the local pilot Jochen Hahn, strongly supported by the local audience and thwarting he hope for the podium to the Czech pilots. Even so Buggyra celebrated, the second and the third rank in the Constructors´ Cup.

A thrilling race was performed by the whole starting field for the crowded tribunes in the afternoon handicap race again. The first row of the starting grid was occupied by the domestic pilots Steffi Halma and Gerd Körber. The latter, however, did not maintain his advantage and dropped rank by rank, until making a mistake in the second lap and starting to spin right in front of Lacko. "Every domestic pilot is supported by the audience but I do not know why I had to pay for that. I still tried to fight and eventually at least achieved the fifth rank, helping the team to win the third rank in the constructors´ cup,“ said Lacko after the race.

A wonderful start was performed by David Vršecký, who thus reached the third rank after Steffi Halma and Markus Bösiger. Bu in the same lap as Körber Jochen Hahn made a mistake too and turned David in the last curve of the lap at the German circuit. "I do not know what to say to that. It was unnecessary in the case of Jochen. It is not good to lose score points and podium ranks in this way. Maybe the commissioners will want to discuss it. But that will not return the lost scores to us,“ said the disappointed Vršecký after the race, having dropped to twenty second rank after the collision. But David did not give up the race and Nürburgring applauded at his unbelievable chase which eventually brought ninth rank to him.

Even though the Buggyra pilots did not reach the podium, Buggyra ranked third as a team in the second race. Thus in the overall ranking of the constructors´ cup the Czech team maintained the second rank with a two-point advantage over Reinert Adventure.

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