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Luboš Veselý - 11.06.2017

Vršecký Sovereignly Controls Beijing Race

Vršecký Sovereignly Controls Beijing Race

The first racing weekend of the China Truck Racing Championship was very successful for David Vršecký, who won all races and thus started his way towards defence of last year´s champion title. The second pilot of the China Buggyra Racing team Adam Lacko brings home from China one silver and two bronze medals.



The new developments of this season include division of the race into two groups. Class A was represented by David Vršecký and Adam Lacko, while group B included the British pilot in the colours of the China Buggyra Racing team Oly Janes.


David Vršecký confirmed his role of the hot favourite in the morning time practice already. The quickest lap time assured the pole position in the first race to him. “A super race today, in fact it was a duel between Adam and me. In the first five laps one of the Chinese trucks followed, but we shook it off quite easily and then continued to the first and second rank side by side. Tomorrow´s race will certainly be interesting with its 18 laps and both groups together,“ said the winner of the first race David Vršecký.


The second pilot of the team Adam Lacko with the second quickest lap time assured for himself the second position after the winner in the starting field and the same rank also belonged to him after the first scored race finished. “In the time practice I was right after David, ranking second, which is super. We started the race side by side, I ranked behind him from the very beginning for my truck does not work so good yet to challenge him. We held together for the rest of the race, trying the best lap times possible and leaving the rest of the field far behind us. And we managed in the end. We will see what the scores will be like tomorrow,“ commented on the first racing day the interim leader of the European truck racing championship.


The third pilot in the China Buggyra Racing team colours Oly Janes performed well in class B and ranked silver in the first scored race.



The second day included two scored races with all pilots put together. Both races were son by David Vršecký who thus became the undisputable absolute winner of the weekend in Beijing. “The second Sunday race was quite wild, for every truck had to pass through the pits at least once, which is a new rule of this year. I and Adam agreed to do it at the beginning. Then the safety car appeared on the circuit and the whole starting field stretched across a long line and we only had a couple of laps to overtake the whole of it. I managed just so and so and Adam reached for the third rank,“ was the evaluation of the last race by the champion title defender David Vršecký. “The first racing weekend then ended better than expected. A lot of teams have improved since the last season and the race speed was higher. This is definitely the right direction and I am very much looking forward to Shanghai,“ he added.

Adam Lacko did not improve his silver rank from the previous day and ranked third in both scored races. “In my opinion the Sunday results are not bad at all. Two third ranks. I can see that our Chinese opponents speed up. May overall evaluation of the first racing weekend is positive. New rules have been introduced, including the pass through the pits in the course of the race. That mixes the ranking a lot and maybe causes trouble to the organizers as well, as there is a big mess in it. We will see what this will be like at the next stop in Shanghai, but I am definitely satisfied with my visit to Beijing,“ commented the native of Čeladná on the first raving weekend of the China Truck Racing Championship.


The British pilot Oly Janes ranked fourth and fifth in the Sunday races.

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