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Vršecký Started Preparation

Vršecký Started Preparation

Although the Buggyra Technology Centre in Roudnice will start operation next Monday, the current European champion and holder of two world speed records in race truck driving, David Vršecký, has already started his season, traditionally in the fitness centre. To David ´s great disappointment, all Roudnice fitness centres were closed for Christmas.

And even though the Roudnice trucker belongs to the not very numerous category of those for whom a single kilogram gain is a great success, he was very much looking forward to his first visit to the centre after the two-week pause. "Martin Koloc once made me work on my fitness and I have been grateful to him for that since. Today was a relaxed training, just some stretching, but I will increase intensity from next time on," revealed David. "This month I will begin with squash. I also need to work on my own aerobic capacity. While Markus has been evading our mutual force measuring in a squash match, I would measure my force with his on the bike any time. Even though I do not know whether I would manage seven hours in the saddle right now." In the course of the dialogue David was preparing for a trip to the Giant Mountains (the Krkonoše). "I and my racing engineer Robin Dolejš have agreed that we would take our girlfriends and set off for the mountains to do some snowboarding. Down-hill skiing is probably the only speed discipline allowed by the weather at the moment," joked the European champion. "I addition I think that Robin wants to make a serious private decision these days and I am certainly not going to miss it."

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