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Vršecký Starting with Victory!

Vršecký Starting with Victory!

David Vršecký crowned his first two appearances at the Le Mans track with victories. The triumph of the Buggyra brand was also supported by the third ranking in the opening cup race by Markus Bösiger!

David laid the foundation for the victory by the quickest time practice by which he secured the pole position for himself before Albacete and Bösiger. "I am satisfied, as I have just achieved a very important victory. But this is only the beginning, the scores will decide and the points will only be distributed in the cup races,” reacted David on his result. David started the first cup race very carefully. The reason was that the first curve of the Le Mans track is far from his favourite ones. However, he started excellently, although it needs to be added that partly also thanks to Albacete ´s “slip”. “To tell the truth, I did not hope in such a smooth start,” confirmed David after his second victory over Albacete. “I have my experience with Antonio dating from 2007, when I had him right behind me throughout the race. This year the same held as two years ago. Antonio is a very excellent trucker but unless the one riding in front of him makes a mistake he can win. I am glad that I managed again this year. As shown by the race we have also been very successful in the tyre selection." Markus Bösiger could also be satisfied with his performance after a period of bad luck. His professorial ride resulted in his third ranking. "I feel double satisfaction. David performed excellently and I climbed the winners´ rostrum again and reduced Jochen´s advantage a little,” said Markus after the race.

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