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Vršecký Struggles in Tunis

Vršecký Struggles in Tunis

The double European truck racing champion has been gathering his first experiences in cross country racing since Monday, together with the rest of the crew of the Czech Dakar Team including Marek Spáčil, David Vršecký and Emil Baumgartner, taking part in the prestigious Tunisian El Chot Rally. As the team boss Marek Spáčil said before the race, the purpose of the participation of the newly composed team in the rally was a combination of the pleasant and the useful in the form of the baptism of the new Tatra 815, which had undergone a profound remodelling since the last Dakar.

For David Vršecký, following the testing at Senica, this has been a unique opportunity to get first-hand experience in cross country racing under conditions quite closely resembling those of Dakar. The Tatra arrived in Genoa, from where it was transferred to Tunis by ferry. The rest of the journey to the venue of the race was covered by the truck on its own wheels. David, who tried the steering wheel already in the course of the journey, described Tatra as a little heavier Buggyra, especially praising its liveliness and obedience to the driver. The start of the race as performed by the newly composed trio was excellent and the Tatra triumphed in the opening 20 km long prologue to the race. The European champion did not hide his enthusiasm: “This is something completely new to someone used to circling along race circuits. When driving in an unknown terrain, albeit pursuant to an itinerary, you must absolutely concentrate. Traps are waiting everywhere. I am still learning to read the terrain, I still lack the correct estimate.”

In the following speed test Tatra ranked fourth. While the team boss Marek Spáčil was a little nervous because of the excellent “form” of his truck, David Vršecký complained a little about the quality of the GPS equipment supplied by the organizers of the rally. But he did enjoy the opening part of the race. "The adrenalin rise is similar to the circuit racing but much longer," was his laconic evaluation.

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