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Vršecký Struggles with Setting!

Vršecký Struggles with Setting!

Like in Misano David Vršecký ranked fifth in the opening cup race of the weekend. A pleasant surprise was the ninth rank of Uwe Nittel for the first time in the Buggyra colours.

And yet the current European champion, who again struggles with the setting of his truck and with the slow tyres, performed an excellent start. From the fifth position at the start he literally squeezed in front of Bösiger, who started from the third position won in the time practice. The ranking after start formed as follows: Albacete, Hahn, Östreich, Vršecký, Bösiger and Lacko. And even though David ´s Buggyra was slower than the racing special of his former team mate, he managed to hold the fourth rank for nearly five rounds. But then both Bösiger and Lacko got in front of him. "I am not the kind of trucker who tries to zigzag all race and slow down the quicker racers. Markus performed an excellent overtaking manoeuvre and Adam followed," explained David, who eventually ranked fifth dues to technical problems of Östreich. "As to the score this is not that bas, but there is a lot of work ahead of us to find the ideal setting and traction." Two score points in return for a very good performance were scored by Uwe Nittel in his first live race in the Buggyra colours. Uwe even left behind him the European champion Markus Östreich. "I entered the race with awareness that my experience in truck racing was minimal. That is why I did not hurry forward but there were two truckers who were very easy for me to overtake. As to the engine Buggyra is absolute," commented Uwe on its performance.

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