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Vršecký Third in Handicap Race!

Vršecký Third in Handicap Race!

Even though in the last third of the handicap cup race David Vršecký had to resolve the issue of his rear tyres, he eventually managed to rank third after the Hahn and Albacete couple. His fellow Markus Bösiger ranked fourth!

By the gain of 28 score points David Vršecký became the most successful trucker of the opening day of the Most racing weekend. Just a little bit was needed for his complete satisfaction. “I have reduced Antonio ´s advantage by another four points, which is OK. But the championship is entering the last third and therefore we will start struggle for each score point. Even a minimum loss will be a pity," said David immediately after the race. "On the other hand, when I saw the condition of my rear tyres I had to confess that to finish the race was a real piece of good luck." David managed the start excellently from the fourth row. After the first round he was already third and in the course of the second round he overtook Oliver to get the second rank. At that moment he began to believe in gaining the maximum score. "The truck worked well, and I began to think of a strategy of my attack on Jochen." But after that the problem with the tyres began. "The truck did not hold the track, I began to lose in curves. What a pity that Antonio noticed that. I thought he had already resigned." In the last round the Spaniard got in front of David from inside. “There was nothing I could do about that. He was evidently quicker. There was no point in risking the loss of the certain eight points.”

Markus Bösiger had a calm race and ranked fourth. "David ´s form is evidently better but nothing will be decided before the end of tomorrow. At present my greatest priority is to keep the third ranking before Jochen Hahn,” commented Markus laconically on his performance.

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