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Vršecký Up the Rostrum Again!

Vršecký Up the Rostrum Again!

If after the not very successful time practice there were any doubts whether David Vršecký was still in the game, the current European Champion dispelled the worries as soon as in the cup race where he ranked third. Markus Bösiger ended fifth.

David started the cup race from the third row brought by his fifth best time in the time practice and he had a single aim – to reduce the advantage of Albacete, with the best time in the time practice, as much as possible. "All were quicker than before while I was a little slower than before. I will look at the telemetric data and see,” said David after the measured twenty minutes of riding. The fact that to see the telemetric data was a good thing to do was proved by the Roudnice trucker as soon as at the very beginning of the race. In the third round he was already able to overtake Levett and Allgauer and begin to chase the leading pair. At that moment he received a good piece of news in his earphones about Hahn having overtaken Albacete. In the middle of the race David ´s loss behind the second Antonio was reduced to five seconds. In the last but one round all was different again. The European Champion rode close to the rear bumpers of the racing special of the Spanish trucker. "I tried to get in front of him but he closed me cleverly. Then the last round came in which the Spaniard was on the guard. I am satisfied with the third ranking," commented David on the progress of the race. The racing special driven by Markus Bösiger underwent the engine replacement yesterday. Despite that the Swiss trucker was troubled by the electronics of his truck in the time practice. In the cup race he improved his ranking by two places and ended fifth.

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