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Vršecký Welcomes Change!

Vršecký Welcomes Change!

What was to happen, did happen! Even though the Albacete promoter has not risked organising a championship truck race this year, two races will still take place in Spain this year, both in Jarama!

David Vršecký has taken an interesting approach to the change. Even though he has won twice in Albacete, even by a triumph in 2007 after start from the seventh position, while he has only achieved a single victory in Jarama, he still welcomes the change. “It is probably because in Jarama I have received my European Champion title twice. And with all respect for Albacete, even though the auditorium was always crowded, the difference between a provincial town and a circuit in a close proximity to the country capital is great,” explained the Czech trucker. “Jarama offers fantastic atmosphere, with a hundred thousand fans cheering all truckers. Albeit we will see that the attendance will be in May. Towards the end of the championship the motivation to arrive and cheer Antonio will probably be stronger.“

The record number of eleven racing weekends in the season has not pleased the team manager Jan Kalivoda. The more so when you regard the problems faced by Spanish economy. “The interest of sponsors in Russia or Turkey on the one side and Spain on the other side is incomparable today. On the other hand, the powerful Spanish lobby is the reality which we need to cope with,” said Honza.

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