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Vršecký Winning in Misano!

Vršecký Winning in Misano!

Buggyra continues in its victorious crusade. Following the two yesterday ´s triumphs of Markus Bösiger the joy from victory in the first Sunday cup race belongs to David Vršecký.

Markus ended fourth! And yet Vršecký´s path to this year ´s first victory in a race awarded with the full number of score points was far from easy. At the beginning of the time practice Markus Bösiger made a mistake and David had to leave the track like in yesterday ´s cup race. Eventually he achieved the third quickest time and hoped before the start to complete the whole race without the necessity to leave the track! His wish was partly heard but his victory was not an easy one. Immediately after start Jochen Hahn overslept a little bit and dropped to the fourth position. Bösiger took the lead, but was penalised in the third round for the alleged break of the starting position rule by riding through the pits lane. “There are decisions which I cannot comment on as a decent and a well brought up man", said Bösiger after the race where he ended fourth after a chase from the eighth position to which he dropped due to the penalisation. In the fifth round the race ended for Hahn, for a failure of the engine of his racing special. The first position was occupied by Albacete followed by Vršecký! "My truck worked very well and I had a feeling that Antonio was fading a little bit. I tried to overtake him. The first manoeuvre was not very good and I again had to leave the track," revealed David, but in his case the golden rule of the third successful attempt applied and the European Champion managed to return to the track on the second position and reach Albacete in a couple of dozen seconds. "This time I was more careful and performed the attack with centimetre accuracy. Antonio did not fight back too much. Like Markus I have won in Misano for a third time in a row and I am very glad!"

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