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Petr Bošnakov - 20.03.2017

Vršecký Winning Jackpot in India

Vršecký Winning Jackpot in India

The last weekend offered an extremely interesting confrontation to truck racing fans. India held a battle of the best pilots of the prestigious English truck racing championship featuring four European champions – Gerd Körber, Antonio Albacete, David Vršecký and Norbert Kiss, with the Old Continent further represented by the best female trucker in history Steffi Halm.


Dominance of Europe, Loss for English Truckers

The spell of the race and the unprecedented show in one was in the fact that all pilots drove the same trucks from the domestic production of the giant local manufacturer TATA Motors. Right in the beginning the pilots had to cope with the shock represented by trucks with the power of 1000 horses. However, after a couple of hours this variant was revealed to be only planned for next year while the current trucks still hid the standard 400 HP under the bonnet. “The atmosphere here is really interesting, for the organizers pray for not too much exceeded last year´s visitors´ rates of 60,000 thousand visitors per day, for in such case they would have to open one more tribune,” outlined the Buggyra team manager Jan Kalivoda the pre-start atmosphere of Friday morning adding that the real state of affairs would only be revealed in the course of the Saturday time practice.


The time practice came after a presentation of all worth presenting, which lasted for the long six hours. European champions proved their dominance in the course of the time practice, but the most visible figure of the day was the manager of FIA ETRC Tony Iddon. Although only coming to India as a guest he soon began to spread around penalisations for route shortening. The quickest lap time and the pole position at his first start in India was finally enjoyed by David Vršecký, followed by his former team mates Albacete and Körber. “The circuit is quote a formula one, and I am glad I have finally got used to the right-side steering wheel. Interestingly enough, the English pilots, who must be used to this and must know the circuit better, were completely lost in confrontation with us,” said David after the practice. “Although the Indian technology cannot compare to ours yet, we all have identical conditions, which promises a very interesting race.“


Show by Hollywood Scenario

The Sunday race, the culmination of the whole event, was preceded by a rich accompanying programme consisting of, inter alia, a light show, a song and dance show, as well as a convoy of Harley Davidson motorcycles. All items on the agenda were however overshadowed by the Hollywood super star Akshay Kumar, whose entry to the provisional stage made of TAT truck was welcomed with frenetic applause. The unbound madness of the crowd was only ended by the race of the Indian truckers with the amazing prize money, for the local conditions, amounting to € 15,000. “I do not know what the boys cover in terms of testing, but their performance was decent for only the second edition,“ was the evaluation of David Vršecký, who is not even against the advised variant of a common race in future.

And then the time of the stars came. The very first lap answered the question of the speculated on fitness of Antonio Albacete, who had missed the last edition of the European championship. “Considering the fact that we were both members of the same team Dealer Daredevil, Antonio pushed really strong. Unfortunately, still at the end of the first lap he braked incorrectly, thus opening the way to my first victory on Indian ground for me. But he certainly did not forget how to race,“ stated David in the finish. In addition to Antonio another exciting moment was staged by the pair Kiss – Smith, who fought together so vigorously that they caused the red flag waving in the sixth lap and suspension of the race.

Vršecký Loved by Crowd

The overall victory was then finally decided in the last fifteen-lap race. In the beginning David successfully fought back an attack of Gerd Körber and then performed a sovereign start-finish victory. After that he experienced something he had not seen before. “I won the European championship twice but to be pulled out of the truck by the local fans in a foreign country and carried in their arms to the podium, that is indeed the first experience in my life here. I can see that the local audience does like contact racing,“ said the victorious David, followed in the finish by Kiss and Körber.

“I must say I originally only wanted to see what it looked like here and did not ponder about the result too much. But finally I was overwhelmed by the racing atmosphere and now I hold champion titles from Europe, Germany, China and India, which is a decent collection,“ assessed the weekend David Vršecký with satisfaction. The team manager Jan Kalivoda “admitted” a pleasant surprise too, albeit not quite sure whether the concept of a show playing the same role as the race would succeed in Europe. “Marketing in India is really good, the promoter is certainly within black numbers, which is probably the local priority. Due to the short history and a single truck supplier the audience reacted really stormily. The amusement is more interesting than the result itself. Anyway, it was a very interesting and successful sport mission at the same time,“ added Jan Kalivoda.

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