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Vršecký Winning the Handicap!

Vršecký Winning the Handicap!

Really excellent was David Vršecký´s performance in the handicap race and so he justly celebrated the victory. And as Albacete ranked seventh, David has reduced the advantage of the leader of the championship by a point today.

Markus Bösiger ranked sixth! David started the handicap race with the aim to achieve the maximum possible reduction of Albacete ´s advantage and return to the game for the champion title. The very start of the race suggested that his intention might be realised unexpectedly well. While our trucker managed the start without any problems, Albacete collided with Allgauer and dropped down to the twelfth rank. “I could not see the collision but when the mechanics informed me in my earphones I mobilised the rest of my strength," claimed David after the race. After the first five rounds he was already second after the leading Altenstrasser. "Markus is a very good trucker and when in an excellent form he is really hard to defeat. That is why I had to carefully prepare the attack." In the sixth lap David overtook the Austrian trucker and there was nothing else to prevent him from winning the race. "I am not malicious but when the mechanics told me that Antonio finished with the seventh ranking, I remembered the Mills of God grinding slowly but…,” said David after the race adding that his victory in the second cup race erased a little his dissatisfaction with the second ranking in the opening race of the day. "I will deeply regret the loss of five score points. But the twenty-point loss looked disastrous. Luckily, I am back in the game now."

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