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Vršecký Wins Another Cup!

Vršecký Wins Another Cup!

The successful conquering of Le Mans by David Vršecký continued! He followed the third rank in yesterday ´s handicap race and today ´s super pole with another third rank in the cup race!

First it needs to be said that David had participated in much more dramatic races than this one in Le Mans in his racing history. He had no problem guarding the third rank from which he had started and peacefully ended third after the pair Hahn-Kiss. "A nice ride. I knew that Kiss would lose with Hahn as well as that Albacete would overtake Östreich. I was only surprised that although Antonio needed every score point and had a lot of time he did not even approach me throughout the race. We are probably really quick after all," stated David after the race. He took the final race of the season as an opportunity to enjoy racing above all. "A very good year behind us, I am curious to know the result of the struggle for the champion title. I do not remember such a dramatic end since 2007." Ellen Lohr ranked fifteenth.

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