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Vršecký Wins in Most!

Vršecký Wins in Most!

David Vršecký has won the opening cup race of the racing weekend in Most. Antonio Albacete has ended second, which reduces his advantage as the leader of the championship to the mere nine points.

The triumph of Buggyras has been underlined by the third ranking of Markus Bösiger! David laid the foundation of his triumph by the quickest time of the time practice, which secured him the pole position. And yet around midnight he did not even know yet whether he would be able to take part in the race. At the end of yesterday ´s second free practice he had to give up for a failure of the differential. "I would like to express my greatest respect to the mechanics who worked until this morning to get the truck ready. I must win if for nothing else but because of them,” said David after the time practice, in which he achieved the quickest time in the first and the last rounds. In the very cup race, opened by a complete destruction of Frankie Vojtíšek´s truck, David won in the start-finish manner, reminding of his last year ´s gala performance. The only little “beauty defect” appeared to be the “exploding” tyre of Jochen Hahn, thanks to which the German trucker lost his second ranking two rounds before the end of the race. "The situation is that whoever defeats Antonio is my ally. I will have to give a serious talk to Markus, who should show up in the handicap race”, claimed the evidently high spirited Vršecký. The Swiss trucker, who fixed his third ranking thanks to Hahn ´s failure, was ready for the “interview”. “I have said on several occasions already that Buggyra deserves a third individual champion title in a row. David has performed excellently today and so he will manage even without me. But if I can I will be happy to help. Of course strictly within the limits of the rules.”

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