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Vršecký Writ Large!

Vršecký Writ Large!

David Vršecký became the winner of the very first cup race where the first eight drivers swapped their starting order. Markus Bösiger ended second!

If FIA planned the change of the rules with the aim to increase attractiveness of the championship, then the very first race based on the new rules confirmed correctness of the intention. The progress of the ten rounds awarded with half the ordinary cup race points certainly offered a show! "I had not started from the fourth row for a long time and so I was exceptionally attentive. Especially when Antonio stood next to me," said David, who made use of the slower reaction of his colleague from the Buggyra team Markus Boessiger after start and went forward with absolute determination. When passing the Altenstrasser – Vojtíšek pair David overtook the first starting row consisting of Oliver and Allgauer and took the lead. "I must say I was really far from being bored. Especially when Vojta Loupal informed me in my walkie talkie that Antonio had overtaken all the other racers, God knew when and where, and was quickly approaching me." The rest of the race was marked by excellent defensive drive by Vršecký and skilful but eventually vain pressure from Albacete. "But I must express my admiration for the work of his engineers. Antonio ´s truck is exceptionally quick and his self-esteem is abundant. We will soon need to do something about it." Markus Bösiger, starting from the second row thanks to the penalisation, kept his raking and ended third. His reaction to the race was quite laconic, as usual. "I made a small mistake at the start. But I still cannot believe that if I started excellently I could manage David and Antonio today. I am quite happy about the race. But I do hope that I will do better tomorrow and in the following races."

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