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Vršecký´s Double Victory!

Vršecký´s Double Victory!

Nearly all is possible in truck racing. For example two victories in a single race, like David Vršecký managed today in front of his home country audience.

The journey towards defence of last year ´s triumph was started by David ´s good start, after which he ranked third after Körber and Lacheze. In the third lap he overtook the French pilot and in the following lap Körber became victim of his absolutely accurate driving. "I hoped there would be no oil on the track today. I so much wanted to win," described David the opening of the race. But soon afterwards all was different. Quiret ended with his truck in flames and suddenly red flags fluttered over the circuit meaning interruption of the race. "At that moment I was angry and all beside myself. Oil on Saturday, and a hob on Sunday," described David his feelings. Fortunately the jury soon decided about restart of the race with included times of the three covered laps including the advantages which would eventually be added to the final times of the individual pilots. “That was a weight off my mind. I guarded the second rank after start next to Gerd, but in the middle of the opening lap I overtook him. At that moment I believed in my victory," said David after the race. In the course of the following laps he developed a three-second advantage, which he managed to defend against Östreich and Körber. In the finish he could openly express his enthusiasm. "An incredible story, one I do not remember from the past. I am happy and would like to thank all for their support. I am satisfied with the progress of the whole weekend, I am again closer to the third overall rank." The second Buggyra pilot Michal Matějovský ranked thirteenth.

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