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Vršecký´s Introduction: Sixth Rank

Vršecký´s Introduction: Sixth Rank

Sixth rank was the result of the premiere truck race in the context of the European Race Truck Championship for David Vršecký. Victory in the opening cup race was enjoyed by the defender of last year ´s champion title Jochen Hahn.

David started the race at the Istanbul Park circuit with the seventh best lap time in the super field. "The road was quite slippery for me in places in the time practice. I hope this will improve in the course of the race,” hoped David before start. The race itself from Vršecký´s perspective was permanent duel for the sixth rank fought alternately with Markus Östreich and Lacheze of France. "After the fifth lap I ranked seventh but my lap times were constant. I said to myself I would have to try at the end of the race," explained David after the race. And indeed before entry to the final lap he got right behind the rear bumper of Markus Östreich´s truck, to eventually paradoxically benefit from the failed overtaking manoeuvre of Lacheze and rank sixth in the finish. “The handicap race will be about tyres. I will start from the second row and hope for the podium,” said David in the pits.

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