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Vršecký´s Maximum Satisfaction!

Vršecký´s Maximum Satisfaction!

By yesterday ´s testing at the Most circuit Buggyra completed the final stage of preparation for the European Race Truck Championship. The new season will already start at the Donington circuit next weekend!

Even though David Vršecký usually uses superlatives very sparingly, in the case of yesterday ´s testing he made an “exception confirming the rule”. “At last I can say I have a vehicle 99.9% meeting my expectations,” said the double European champion at the end of the testing session. “Since the very first meters I felt an absolute harmony between the technology and the pilot. All past problems have been eliminated and we could focus on tuning up from the very beginning. The overall functionality of the truck has considerably improved. I cannot remember being as satisfied as after this testing.”

Paradoxically enough, the maximum satisfaction with yesterday ´s testing results brought about one logistic complication, though. The racing special of Chris Levett “does marketing work” in England and the original plans counted on Chris ´s starting with the “March” Buggyra at Donington. “A month ago I knew I had a good vehicle. But today after the first couple of laps I had to admit that big progress had been made in the course of the past month,” said the British pilot. “That is why we agreed in the end that two sets would be taken to England and my truck would be adequately improved before the beginning of the racing weekend." Following the words of the team sport director Jan Kalivoda the team is able to resolve the arisen complication. “As I said in the past, England represents an exceptional challenge for us. We have adapted the transfer plans a little with Petr Marek and Vojta Loupal to arrive in England a little earlier. This should eliminate any problems with preparation of Chris ´s truck."

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