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Vršecký´s Remarkable Chase!

Vršecký´s Remarkable Chase!

Exceptional was the performance of David Vršecký in the handicap race, where he eventually ranked eighth after start from the last row. The fifth Levett managed even better.

David, who moved from the last to the fifteenth rank in the course of a single lap, might have been excited by the FIA decision concerning the previous collision. Even though the traditional killer Nittel was announced the culpable party, his offence, in the opinion of responsible FIA officers, was not so bad as to bring him punishment for the liquidation of Kiss and Vršecký from the cup race. After a successful start David systematically moved forward, his lap times towards the end of the race being by more than a second quicker than the lap times of Östreich riding in front of him. "I am not prepared to comment on the verdict concerning the cup race collision. Otherwise I felt excellent in the handicap race, what a pity it was not a couple of laps longer,” said David, adding after a short though: "If it were not for a certain individual, it might have been a nice day.”

Chris Levett held the third rank after the opening four laps. In the following part of the race he was overtaken by Lacko and Nittel, one by one. Chris Levett: "I wanted the cup but I must say that the quartet of my rivals was stronger. Perhaps tomorrow…"

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