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Vršecký´s Silver Start!

Vršecký´s Silver Start!

The second ranking after the elusive Antonio Albacete was won in the opening cup race of the European Truck Racing Championship season at Assen by David Vršecký. Markus Bösiger ended third!

The excellent form of the Spanish European champion from 2005-2006 was already suggested by the time practice in which Antonio won over both Buggyras. After the start Albacete took the lead, followed by Vršecký and Bösiger. "I raced in the same team with Antonio for two seasons. That is why I know that when he has a day he is simply undefeatable," was the evaluation of the quite unilateral progress of the first cup race of the season by David Vršecký. "After the first two rounds I needed to accept the fact that even if I was able to keep his pace when applying all my skills, I could not think of overtaking him. And as nobody knew what would happen in the second cup race where the quickest eight was to swap the starting order, I bet on certainty. My truck has worked well so far and I am happy for my first fifteen points." The third Markus Bösiger experienced a not very interesting race. Regarding the technical problem with the brakes he could not manage to closely follow the Albacete-Vršecký pair. But after Hahn gave up at the end of the second round he lost his only opponent aiming at the third ranking. "The race was OK, I could not end better than third. I will start before Antonio and David in the second cup race and so I will do my best to return their defeat to them."

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