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Vršecký´s Victorious Finish!

Vršecký´s Victorious Finish!

Excellent performance was shows in the handicap race by David Vršecký, who accomplished the thirteen rounds with his second victory of this season. Markus Bösiger ended twenty first after a series of technical problems.

The start of the cup race was marked by a collision between Bösiger and the pair Vojtíšek - Altenstrasser. After a duel with the superiority Markus left the track unwillingly but returned to the race after a round with a big loss. By coincidence he did so right when his colleague of the Buggyra team David Vršecký took the lead. "I was informed from the pits that Markus was off the track. And suddenly I could see him in my rear view mirrors," explained the surprised Vršecký after the race. “All looked so good. What a pity Markus was a round behind us." If anybody thought that Markus returned to the race to help Vršecký, he must have been disappointed. The rules are merciless in this case. If a driver is a round behind others, he must give way to the quicker truckers. In this case to Albacete and Hahn. "To tell the truth I was a little disappointed by their approach. I expected a truck battle for the victory. But both of them were visibly happy with their rankings," said David before the prize-giving ceremony. In addition to two cup victories he brought back from the Catalonian track 50 score points. In this he was only exceeded by Jochen Hahn. "I lost two points behind Jochen, but I won four points in relation to Antonio. I am happy. But before the Nürburgring we will have to work on the time practice." On the other hand Markus Bösiger will probably want to forget all about this year ´s Barcelona. Despite that he was exceptionally eloquent after the race. "I came to Barcelona to race. That is why I returned to the track after the starting collision even if I had no chance to fight for the victory any more,” he explained. "I wanted to finish the race at any cost, to contribute to the Constructors´ Cup at least. And eventually I managed."

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