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Weekend with a big "W": Mičánek Motorsport powered by Buggyra fights on two fronts for the title

Confirmation of runner-up status at the Nürburgring in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe and a decisive battle for the TCR Eastern Europe title on home track in Brno. The Mičánek Motorsport powered by Buggyra team has the most hectic weekend of the year ahead of it.


Weekend with a big "W": Mičánek Motorsport powered by Buggyra fights on two fronts for the title

"We are looking forward to a weekend where we will really use all our resources to the full. We are going to the Nürburgring with two Lamborghinis for Broňa Formánek and Jožka Záruba and for Libor Dvořáček, and in Brno Michal Makeš will fight for the title from the first position," outlined the plans of the Mičánek Motorsport powered by Buggyra team manager Jiří Mičánek jr.


Nürburgring: ambitions on the popular track
The fifth European round of the world's fastest cup championship, the Lamborghini Super Trofeo, is this time heading to the legendary German Nürburgring. The Formánek-Záruba pair will be looking to consolidate their second place in the Pro-AM class standings at the circuit. "The aim is to secure second place and the vice-championship title as much as possible. And of course, if we could get close to first place, that would be great," says Jiří Mičánek.


The series continues at the circuit which was affected by massive floods only a few weeks ago, and for some time afterwards served as a field hospital. "The track looks absolutely fine, so we are looking forward to it. Personally, I want to have a rematch here for Spa, where we didn't finish," says Josef Záruba, referring to an unfortunate incident from the last race, where he damaged his rear wheel in a collision with a rival and the race ended prematurely for the Mičánek Motorsport powered by Buggyra crew. "We both like the circuit, I personally like the track a lot, so our goal will be to try for the top positions," Bronislav Formánek also hints at his ambitions.


Both drivers arrived at the circuit ahead of time and in a very unusual way - as they both have truck licences, they drove a team truck from Brno to the Nürburgring. "Actually, it was a longer and slower race, including a three-hour changeover," laughs Josef Záruba, adding that the journey took about twelve hours.
Libor Dvořáček gets behind the wheel of the team's second Lamborghini. He crowned his first performance after a medical break in Spa with a podium in the LB Cup class, but he did not finish one race due to a collision with a rival. As in the previous weekend, Dvořáček will start alone due to the long-term illness of co-driver Kurt Wagner. 


"I'm going into the weekend easier, I already know what to expect, how challenging it will be. In Spa I tried that I have to cut down on my power driving, which is quite exhausting," says Dvořáček. He also admits that the legendary German track suits him better than Spa in Belgium, which was also rained out during the previous Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe. 


Dvořáček should be medically fine now, his operated knee is not limiting him. "I've been able to focus on training, I've been running, swimming, spending hours on the simulator," Dvoracek says, adding that his goal will be to fight for a podium finish in the LB Cup class - and preferably in both races. 


Brno: a straight fight for the title
The last round of this year's ESET Cup, which also includes the TCR Eastern Europe series, will kick off in Brno. This is currently led by Michal Makeš in a Cupra Leon in the colours of Mičánek Motorsport powered by Buggyra. The team's goal is to defend its narrow lead and win the first title for the twenty-one-year-old talented Makeš, which will add to the collection he "founded" the year before with his triumph in the Clio Cup. 


 "We hold the cards in our hand, but we have to be as focused as possible. We have a safe lead in the overall standings, but after deducting the two worst results within the rules of the overall standings, the result is very close. Michal has to handle it mentally, keep a calm head and not make any mistakes. And of course the technique has to hold up," said Jiří Mičánek.


On the one hand, the team will have the advantage of a home race, but Michal Makeš is cautious before Brno. "After they sanded down the track surface, Brno is not one of my favourite circuits. The asphalt eats a lot of rubber and at the same time the car doesn't hold up, it's slow," says the most successful driver of the TCR Eastern Europe series so far. 


The ballast he will bring as a tax for his successful races will not play into his hands either. Makeš's Cupra will be loaded with 60 kilograms, his biggest rival Tomáš Pekař with the same car will carry 20 kilograms less. "In Brno, this can be a big handicap," says Makeš, referring in particular to the steep climb to the finishing straight for which Brno is famous. As well as the generous width of the track, which offers plenty of overtaking opportunities. "Unfortunately, if someone is faster, there's not much to defend on that track," explains Makeš. 


The race maths gives some chance of deciding the title fight on Saturday, but the team reckons that the champion will only be decided by a straight fight in Sunday's race.

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