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When Disciple Surpasses Teacher!

When Disciple Surpasses Teacher!

Although David Vršecký has experienced a lot in truck racing, he will come to Le Mans in a completely new role. For the first time in his career he can boast of the position of the best Czech constructor of race trucks.

There is no more doubt after Jarama! Renault machines by MKR Technology constructed by Mario Kress, despite considerable factory support, have not managed to defeat Buggyra this year. Thus disciple Vršecký declassed teacher Kress. "Sounds nice, but too bombastic. In the first place Buggyra is the work of the pair Robin Dolejš - David Vršecký, but all mechanics have contributed to the development. We are not a team of one constructor, everybody may come up with an idea," reacted David before departure to the venue of the last racing weekend of the season. "Perhaps this has been our advantage over MKR Technology. Nearly all of us have worked with Buggyra company since the very beginning."

The best Czech pilot and in his own definition a co-constructor in one does not forget the contribution of the Roudnice team management. "It looks that we do not have such financial strength as the teams with factory support. On the other hand, in the words of the chef Zdeněk Pohlreich, if you know the art of cooking, manage improvisation to a reasonable extent and have access to quality ingredients then you are able to prepare a good meal under reasonable conditions and for a decent price. Robin and I offered a recipe to the management and were given time for preparation." Despite this year ´s success, represented by the fact that Buggyra has been the only make able to compete in speed and ranking with MAN category A specials, the meal is far from ready yet, in David ´s words. "A lot of work is still ahead of us. Nevertheless, as I have already said on many occasions, we know we are going in the right direction. see that this year we were the only make able to defeat the complete string of MAN pilots. The trial-and-error stage has been closed. In addition, success automatically gives birth to motivation," concluded David.

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