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When Masters Crash into a Fool...

When Masters Crash into a Fool...

The popular Polish novelist, playwright and journalist Slawomir Mrožek once uttered a memorable sentence, saying that the greatest accident that can happen to a man is a crash into a fool. I do not know the extent to which the truckers Albacete, Nittel and Vršecký are familiar with the works of the Polis master of the word.

But nevertheless each of them knows now what it is to crash into a fool, in their case the French trucker Anthony Janiec. Destinies of great races should logically be decided by great racers. In this case, however, the final decision was made by a rather mediocre holder of driving licence from France. Janiec ´s piloting qualities are clearly seen from the fact that in the course of the ten racing weekends of this year ´s championship he was unable to reach up to the level of the first hundred score points. Despite that he finally managed to deal the cards of this year ´s championship in a way not even managed by much more skilled pilots. For a better understanding of what really happened the following is a brief survey of what the Frenchman Janiec (the race took place in France) caused as the unpunished culprit. Technically speaking he deprived Antonio Albacete of his chances to try to defend his champion title of last year. In this context it needs to be admitted that Antonio ´s chances were merely very theoretical. Much more hopeful were the chances of David Vršecký to win the overall bronze medal. Even though the advantage of Adam Lacko over David amounted to eighteen points, David started the race in which his Buggyra was scrapped by Janiec´s truck from the first row while his rival had to accept the fifth starting position. Even more realistic were the chances of the Vršecký – Levett team to win the bronze medal in the team competition. Before the collision the advantage of the Czech – British pair over the couple Lacko – Janiec (what a coincidence !!!) amounted to fourteen points. The eventual loss of Buggyra team was six points. Nobody doubts that Vršecký, who arrived in Le Mans in a fantastic form, would manage to score the needed seven points with dry overalls. But with the wreck of what once was a racing special this was an unmanageable task. Of course while some crashes into a fool hurt, there are always those who may profit from the fool´ s acting in the end. In such case I could ask the question whether Anthony performed the role of a useful fool or not? And whether he was eventually a more useful fool that originally intended? But this would be a sheer speculation and I would trod on a very thin ice here…

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