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When nothing is Impossible!

When nothing is Impossible!

David Vršecký followed his previous Sunday performance in the handicap race and after an excellent tactical race won the extremely important victory. Thus his advantage over the second Albacete rose to ten score points before the last racing weekend in Jarama!

Like in the full score sup race David performed an excellent starting manoeuvre and ranked fifth after the very first lap. "We again talked about not getting into a collision as the first priority but I love overtaking so much,” claimed Vršecký after the race with a stony face. He had shown his liking in the course of the race indeed and the result was his taking the lead after the fifth lap. “When I overtook Egon and Jochen, that is two very good but at the same time very unpredictable truckers, I was sure I could win. Which I did in the end." While David headed towards the victory and his personal record of 58 score points during a single racing weekend, Albacete struggled hard with Allgauer. That allowed Hahn to develop a sufficient advantage over him and Antonio eventually had to be satisfied with the third ranking. “In one word, fantastic! I have just experienced the best racing weekend of my career,” rejoiced David after the race. "The title is still too far away. But unlike Antonio I will be driving calmly in Jarama. The attacking will be his job!”

Markus Bösiger drank his cup of bad luck down to the bottom. He collided with the Russian trucker Lvov after the start. After dropping to the second ten trucks of the race he managed to do some overtaking and get to the ninth ranking. This was followed by a penalisation which was hard to understand. After that decision the race ended for Markus.

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