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When Technology Betrays

When Technology Betrays

For less than three laps David Vršecký continued in the Sunday cup race in Zolder. Then the technology betrayed him.

David started the race with healthy aggression, when like the day before he tried to overtake Markus Östreich. But the German trucker resisted his attack this time. "Markus learned a lesson yesterday and watched for me. I counted on that a little, it was kind of test from me. I had another variant of overtaking in my mind," revealed David after the race. But the alternative variant did not materialize for in the course of the third lap “Vrša” had to give up the race. And what was the diagnosis? It was steering failure. "I do not know what to say to that. It was simply bad luck. But the most important thing at this moment is to manage to put the truck together for the last race,” hoped David in the pits.

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