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When the Summer Asks…

When the Summer Asks…

Last week the Panenský Týnec airport witnessed a somewhat confidential testing of new racing specials for the season 2009. following telemetric data analysis the Buggyra Technology Centre at Roudnice reports the status of sober optimism.

As revealed by racing engineer Robin Dolejš, the purpose of the testing was modification of steering and new engine software. "For years Buggyra has been using the following procedure: before the testing we communicate our ideas and expectations to each other and after the testing we compare them to the final result. From this point of view we are satisfied," explained Dolejš adding that there is no reason for excessive optimism, though. "In contrast to the original presumptions we performed the testing at minus 5 degrees C. And, paradoxically enough, cold weather supports better results. I remember how in 2002 we arrived in Barcelona and searched for dry ice for engine cooling all Saturday. Even though in early May there will not be so hot in Assen as there was in Barcelona but the difference of some dozen degrees will be felt." Despite the certain bias Robin believes the winter testing to be extremely important. "I think that before start of the season 2006 we tested in Germany and the temperature was some minus twenty then. Even though the data are a little biased, they suggest a lot. And we have a starting point at least." Satisfaction was also expressed by the fresh holder of the Golden Steering Wheel David Vršecký. "Good. Even though the only thing I envy footballers is their chances for preparation in a warm climate. This is not yet possible with Buggyra," said the current European champion. "The confrontation of last year ´s and this year ´s data shows that we have again managed to take a little step forward. This year ´s Buggyra is easier to control and more secure while cornering."

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