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Who is Afraid, Stay Away of Dakar!

Who is Afraid, Stay Away of Dakar!

Yesterday the world was startled by the pictures of the horrible accident experienced and surprisingly enough survived in good health by the Chile racer Cesar Zuleta in the context of a training session for the approaching Rally Dakar. The domestic matador tested his race car in the Atacama desert, where a couple of speed trials will be held this year.

At one moment he unwillingly left the something remotely reminding of a road and his Hummer ended several dozen metres below the road level after making a couple of somersaults. "By coincidence I watched the sport new on TV Nova yesterday and saw everything. A nice spectacle. I am glad my Chilean colleague survived that in good health and declared his willingness to continue with racing”, commented David Vršecký, working hard to prepare for his premiere at the most famous long-distance car race of the planet. The real adventure watched on TV did not change anything of the intentions of the double European champion. "Truck racing trains one properly indeed. Before I even started racing myself I could see the flight of Martin Koloc in Thruxton. In the course of my first testing of my super truck in Most I ran onto a piece of ice and performed a perfect dance ending in a heap of tyres. In 2005 Manuel Gozalo rolled his truck in Jarama in front of my eyes. Who is afraid, stay away of Dakar. But this is not my case."

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