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Petr Bosnakov - 26.08.2021

Will the Most offer a chess game?

After the opening round of this year's European Truck Championship at the Hungaroring and a stop at the Nürburgring, which was not held due to a natural disaster, the fastest truckers of the old continent will have the race of the year in Most, which will be monitored live by TV Sport 5.


Will the Most offer a chess game?

Team principal Martin Koloc will field three Buggyra specials piloted by Adam Lack, Aliyyah Koloc and Téo Calvet. "I don't like alibism, so Adam should win, Téo should score points and Aliyyah should finish as many races as possible," said Martin, who twenty-five years ago "earned" his second European Championship title in Most. "A few people reminded me of it, it's nice, but a long time ago. However, we live in the present and the near future." Before the start of the race weekend, Buggyra announced the end of its cooperation with CT Sport. "It's not a question for me, our head of communications Honza Kalivoda said it all in a press release. We have our own vision and we can do without CT Sport," added the first Czech European circuit racing champion.   

A cool head will decide
Adam Lacko intends to do everything within the rules and common sense to leave his home race as the championship leader, eight points behind the leader Sasha Lenz after the Hungaroring. "It's going to be very tough, but small is small when you have a small target," Adam guesses. "Sasha will want to confirm his position from the Hungaroring, Jochen Hahn will do everything he can to close in on the lead. Norbert Kiss is very fast after his return to the, MAN, and Antonio Albacete won't just come to take part either." According to the 2017 European Champion, a super field and a cool head will be the deciding factors. "We will all go with the knowledge that an early finish equals losing a lot of points. In addition, it's not quite certain how many races will be held this autumn. It's going to be a chess game."

The data don't lie
The Buggyra Academy stars may not have the ambition of Adam Lack, but they are not going to Most for a road trip. "I scored ten points at the Hungaroring and I firmly believe that I will do better in Most, go up in the overall standings and contribute significantly more to the Constructors' Cup," believes Téo Calvet, who showed good form in the French Championship race at the Nogaro circuit in early July. "Every kilometre covered counts and the race surpasses the testing."

Although Aliyyah Koloc did not score at the Hungaroring, she did receive praise from her mentor David Vršecký. "I don't want to make excuses, but just before the race I heard about the Yasmeen crash in Poland, so I wasn't in the best mental shape. True, Yasmeen also crashed last weekend at Slovakiaring, but I know she is fine and will come to support me. According to David and Robin, the data doesn't lie, and even though there were no points from it, riding-wise I'm moving up in the European competition," said Aliyyah, who trained under renowned fitness trainer Monika Šlosrová at NR-GM Fitness Club before the race.

Faith for a better weekend
Most will also be fighting for points in the Constructors' Cup, with the pair of Adam Lacko - Téo Calvet in fourth place after the first race with minimal losses. "We had problems with traction at the Hungaroring, we believe that it will be better this weekend. Kiss and Albacet have five individual titles between them, it will be very difficult to fight them, but why not try," Adam Lacko asked the rhetorical question. "While Adam beat Norbert in Hungary, I lost to Antonio. I will do everything to make amends, but as Adam said, I am fighting a legend," added Téo Calvet.  

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