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Petr Bosnakov - 22.06.2021

With Casale, we know that it’s worth it!

While Josef Macháček, Tomáš Enge and Koloc sisters are working hard on improving the Can Am DV21 in Dubai, the Chilean legend Ignacio Casale is focusing on Tatra Phoenix with an automatic gearbox.


With Casale, we know that it’s worth it!

After several days of testing, the chief designer David Vršecký has nothing but praise. “It’s clear that he’s got many kilometres under his belt, so also a great experience,” says David, who is especially excited about the ease with which the 3-time Dakar winner in the quad bike category is learning new things. “In January, we were all thinking just how great it would be for him if he could at least finish his first Dakar after switching from quad bikes to trucks. And in the end, he finished in 9th place. The Tatra he is testing now has only one thing in common with the previous one – the name Phoenix. The engine is different, and also there’s an automatic gearbox. And since the first kilometres, it’s clear that Ignacio knows what he wants from it and he can use its potential. I’m already excited about the Dakar 2022 edition.”


And according to David Vršecký, Ignacio Casale shares a similar style to Josef Macháček. “Clearly, driving quad bikes at the Dakar will teach you a lot. And you can say the same about Can Ams and big trucks as well. You just know when to ease off and when to push…”


The whole team is also enjoying positivity from the Chilean driver. “We spent the whole night working, the temperature did not drop under 40°C, we were almost drowning in our own seat. And there comes Ignacio, bringing water and asking whether there’s anything he can help with. And then he just gets into the vehicle, pulls off and you suddenly know that all the hard work is going to pay off.”


“It’s nice to hear such kind words, but I don’t think it’s like that. I’m a member of a professional team that does a professional job and there’s a perfect team spirit. I’m just trying to fit in and if everyone’s happy, then it’s ok” adds Ignacio.

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