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Petr Bošnakov - 10.09.2020

Yasmeen in 2nd place at Brno

While her sister Aliyyah was rewriting the history books of truck racing at Nogaro in France, Yasmeen Koloc and Tomáš Enge raced in the international ESET V4 Cup at Brno, Czech Republic.


Yasmeen in 2nd place at Brno

The 16-year-old finished 9th in both races, which is a positive result according to Tomáš Enge. “Renault Clio 4RS is a car that needs a strong but also a gentle hand. And Yasmeen has managed that without any bigger problems. At the beginning of the weekend, we said that the goal is to do as many kilometres as possible and that we won’t focus on any trophies. It was because of her crash in the first race at Grobnik, where me, Martin and David were wondering whether it might have an impact on her. Luckily, it didn’t,” said the only Czech driver in Formula 1 history.



But in the end, the youngest racing driver got a trophy, after she and Tomáš Enge finished 2nd in the Clio Cup Endurance race. “She knows what she’s doing. While she was careful at the beginning of the weekend, by its end, she was in the TOP 5 level, which is very good. We still want to go on a step-by-step basis, so we’re currently somewhere close to Yasmeen’s limit of driving abilities. Our target is to get on that level or even to go a bit further. We are not in a rush, but we need to move forward,” he added.

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