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You Can Always Accelerate!

You Can Always Accelerate!

Even though the testing of the new Buggyra in Most, taking place in the past two days, met all expectations, the works on Buggyra 2011 will continue with undiminished intensity. Following information received from the pilot and constructor David Vršecký the team has prepared the basic version of Buggyra for Donington.

In comparison to last year ´s version the new Buggyra is quicker and constructed of the time-tested components. "We have a quick truck able to ride on the top and I firmly believe we will not be tortured by technology failures too much. Yesterday, however, we spent a lot of time over the data and we clearly see that there are still reserves,” explained David adding that a certain reassessment of the time schedule has been adopted. "This morning we ordered new parts. We will take a short break before they arrive. Then we will start work on further acceleration and immediately before departure for Donington we will test in Most once more. Then we will take the final decision about the final version." The double European champion was much satisfied with the approach and results of Chris Levett. "Immediately in the beginning he pleased us very much by saying that we had made big progress in improvement of traction. That indeed was a problem the solution of which we considered fundamental. He said that the new vehicle could not be compared to the Buggyra he tried in autumn. As could be expected, on Wednesday he had some problem with the shape of the cab and with entry to curves. But he improved considerably too. This will be good. In addition I think that Chris is one of the pilots who are substantially better at racing than at testing."

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