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Petr Bošnakov - 16.10.2020

Young guns are not afraid of Hungaroring

The Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing team is heading to Hungary this weekend not just with Adam Lacko, but also its youngsters from Buggyra Academy – Téo Calvet and Aliyyah Koloc. And while this young generation of racing drivers have been very successful so far, they have also faced the most difficult challenges so far in races at Most, Nogaro, Zolder and Jarama. And it won’t be any different at Hungaroring.


Young guns are not afraid of Hungaroring

As Adam Lacko already admitted, when he got his first taste at Hungaroring during the GT1 championship, he did not really believe that this place could host truck racing. However, considering that Téo’s father Fabien never raced in Hungary before, Adam took the role of his adviser. “He’s a young and intelligent guy, who got his first experience in truck racing at Nogaro, which is known as a circuit for brave drivers. Considering the fact that he’s going to race with my last year’s truck, we talked about telemetry a lot. I told him that if he wants to win, he doesn’t have to do much. He just needs to be the fastest one in a super pole, to have a good start and then not to let anybody through, which is not so difficult on such a circuit,” says Adam while laughing. “Exactly. And while it takes the maximum effort to focus on Adam’s English, I know exactly what he wants me to do and I’ll do everything for it,” adds Téo, who is smiling as well.


Aliyyah Koloc is preparing for her Hungarian mission traditionally with David Vršecký. “Aliyyah has a clear plan. To arrive there, beat everyone, load all the trophies and come home,” says the amused mentor of the fastest trucker in the world. “It’s alright. She understands that despite her rocket start, she doesn’t have to hurry anywhere. We’ve agreed that it doesn’t exactly suit the trucks, but we need to go through with it,” added David, who also prepared her driver on a simulator.

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